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Restless- synonymous with undead – is the term used for any manifesting spirit (such as a ghost, trapped on the border of the Prime Material and Astral Sea) or any creature who’s body has been animated without being medically living. This includes Ghosts, Zombies, Skeletons, and maybe other more powerful undead unknown to commoners.

The most simple Restless, such as skeletons and zombies, are simply remnants of the soul that once resided in the body. Either animated trough rudimentary magic or disturbed from its peaceful rest, these undead are incapable of much in the way of thought.

Undead Lords

Legends exist of foul magic used to bind a complete soul back to the body, essentially granting immortality. The greatest of these legends are the Undead Lords of the Shadowfell. These powerful Restless have had ages to gain power in the Shadowfell, and many look towards the Prime Material to continue to grow there as well. They are said to command legions of lesser Restless, though few venture to the Shadowfell to confirm this.



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