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Mage with high levels of mana tinge

Arcane magic is stolen straight from the energies of the life-stream or the after-world through an intricate study of magical theory or born innate talent. Bards, Wizards, and Sorcerers cast Arcane spells and are called Mages. Mages draw their mana directly from the mana-wells of the life-stream and the after-world, their bodies acting as the conduit through the veil. The contact has permanent physical affects on the mage. This effect is known as mana tinge. The mage’s iris and strands of hair begin to take a slight iridescence or colored glow. At low levels of Magery it is difficult to notice unless the subject is studied, but wielders of high level magic are unmistakable. Depending on the culture you are near, this could have positive or negative effects. A passive perception is required to notice the effects of mana tinge. The DC is 10 – highest level of spell the mage can cast.


Only Dragon-kin may choose the Draconic Origin.

Wild Magic Origin is a response to significant exposure to Etherium in the womb. it courses through the veins of a wild sorcerer, and anybody who passes a Wisdom (Perception) check at DC 10 notices the glowing tint in the blood veins. A Disguise check can be made to increase the difficulty (use the roll for the DC instead).


Divine magic is a source that is not understood by the world. In ancient times it stemmed from the 10 creators, they have all since sacrificed themselves to create the veil. Some theorize that the veil still contains the essence of those creator’s values, and they shine through divine spellcasters.

You cannot train to become a divine spellcaster. It is something that requires true heartfelt conviction to your cause – be it to do good, to destroy evil, to conquer the world. Its something that only those who border on obsessive devotion to a Way can achieve.


An Elfen animist

Followers of the Way of Nature are sometimes granted the ability to use magic by the primal spirits. These spell casters (Druids and Rangers), called Animists, need not reach beyond the veil for their mana, the primal spirits themselves deliver it to the spellcaster. As a result, they must simply appease the spirits. They need not study difficult theory like the mages – but they must understand the cycle of life and nature, and serve desires of the spirits. Because they do not touch the mana-wells, they are not subject to mana tinge.

A Witch using Necromancy

Pact Magic

The territory of Witches and Warlocks, pact magic is obtained by bargaining with powerful creatures from beyond the veil, such as destroyer and Arch-Fey.

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