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New Materials

All of the materials listed below are very rare. Obtaining an item of these rare materials will usually involve at least a minor quest. The effect of the material will depend on what item is made from it.


A blade made of volcanic glass is very sharp, but easily broken or blunted


Mithril is a rare metal, it is as strong as steel but lighter.


Darkmetal is a rare heavy metal. It is heavier, denser, and stronger than steel.


Drakeskin is an ultra-strong, fire resistant leather.

Drake Scale

Drake scales are harder than steel and fire resistant.


Spider silk is as strong as leather and as light as cloth.


An extremely rare crystal that can only be mined in places where the veil is weak, Etherium has special magical properties. It is crushed and forged into the armor during crafting, or sometimes gem cuts are incorporated into the armor’s decoration. It’s effects are poorly understood, but it is known that Etherium can store magical energy more easily than other materials..

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