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Chevalier Marceline Gravois, wielding the holy relic “Finger of Rakveso”

Valais was conquered early in the Age of the Dragons by Romalla, as they made swift work of the region during the Hedge War. This is why their language bears a similarity to Romallan, however their culture has varied quite a bit since then.

Valasians worship their emperor as a near diety – believing his line to be descendant of Rakveso. Soldiers in their military refer to each other as Battle Brothers (or Sisters). A common decoration is a Cross – each peg represents one of the four pillars of Rakveso’s dogma – Creation is the base, Faith and Willpower the arms, and Light at the top.

They claim the emperor’s line of progeny is unbroken since Rakveso first sired a human child.

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