Sky People

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Sky People


Sky People (or the Nejial in their tounge), unlike most other races, have a unique culture of their own. They are isolationist and reminiscent of the nations of man during the Age of Mages – ruled by powerful mages with magic available at any whim. As a people, they are haughty and arrogant. They do occasionally trade with lesser races, but never do they deal their magic wares – in fact they seek to keep them out of reach of man when possible.

A member of the Sky People society would not likely be suitable for play, but an exile from their people would be appropriate.

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Sky People Traits

Ability score increase. Your intelligence increases by 2 and your Dexterity increases by 1.
Age. Sky People mature much slower than humans. They reach adulthood in 30-40 years, enter old age around 300, and sometimes survive to see 500.
Size. Sky People are a similar size to humans. They are medium creatures.
Speed. Their wings are unwieldy. They have a land speed of 25ft.
Flight: You have a flying speed of 50 feet. To use this speed, you can’t be wearing medium or heavy armor.
Long Lived. Given the extra time to maturation, you’ve had more time to learn skills. You gain proficiency with one skill of your choice.

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Sky People

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