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Hidden Lore

To have any knowledge of the various monsters in the world you must take Hidden Lore. The specialties below will describe what knowledge you gain.

Destroyers – Knowledge of the destroyers and the abilities they can grant their followers. Pact Magic falls under this category as well.

Creators – Knowledge of the ancient creators, and the myths revolving around them.

Dragons – Knowledge of the dragons, drakes, and dragon-kin clans.

Primal Spirits – Knowledge of the Fae and Elementals and other primal spirits.

Magical Beasts – Knowledge of magical wildlife and primitive races such as goblins.


Mages – Knowledge of practices of traditional mages – master/apprentice relationships, guilds, schools, etc.

Ritual Magic

This is the skill that Pact-Mages use to represent their ritual skill. Each college defaults from this skill.

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