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For the most part, religion in this world falls under two main aspects – preparation for the afterlife or values held in material life. In some faiths, these ideas intertwine, while in others they are entirely separate. It is not impossible nor even uncommon for one to follow more than one religion. While the Gods that exist are all known and agreed upon across the world – as their agents are known first hand – exact methods of worship can vary between different religions. Here, they will be introduced first, and then the more specific religions will follow afterwards.


The list should start with the god of beginnings, Leoh is the God of the Dawn, Beginnings, Spring, Fire, The Sun, Light, and so on.


Next comes Mox, god of the Summer, Night, Dreams, Darkness, Sleep, Wind, Chaos, Change, and so on.


Then comes Thall, god of Autumn, The Harvest, Earth, Agriculture, Civilization, and so on.


Finally there is Etra, the goddess – Guardian of the Dead, godess of Death, Fate, Endings, Winter, Cold, and so on.


Goddess’s Creed

The primary relgion through much of the Stormlands, the Goddess’s Creed, also known as the Church of Etra, focuses on Etra’s role as the Guardian of the Dead.

By their dogma, Etra sacrificed her place in the Heavens to care for mortals – a sacrifice the other gods would not make. While the other gods are not disrepected in this religion, they are generally only called upon when needed for thier specific domains. Etra is woven into every part of life.

High Oracles

The leaders of the religion, the High Oracles, are 3 who are said to be gifted foresight – glimpses of Fate from The Goddess. They decide the official doctrine of the religion, in cooperation with each other. After the rebellion of Highmere, they located the Creed’s headquarters to White Rock – the capital.


The next class of priests are the Oracles. They have the same abilities as the High Oracles, but not the same level. This is where the High Oracles draw their replacements from when they pass or retire from the church. Oracles are well respected throughout the Stormlands, as the arrival of one often signals a major problem in the area being solved.

In game: Any cleric who posseses the Knowledge domain is given the title of Oracle


While the Oracles carry more political power its no secret that the Guardians are usually better in a fight.

In game: Guardians usually possess the War domain, though other domains appropriate to the Goddess may be home brewed. Generally any divine powered class who is not an Oracle will be considered a Guardian.


Messengers are priests responsible for teaching commoners of the teachings of Etra. Etra asks very little of mortals – only that life not be wasted, the remains of the dead be cared for, and provided armament for the afterlife, and to understand the role of death in the universe. The Feywilde is the realm of life, the Shadowfell is the realm of death, and the Prime Material is the realm where the two combine – and mortals are meant to live and die.



The monks of the Aikana Order eschew the concept of reliance upon the gods and seek power within themselves. Constantly introspective, the monks are constantly thinking “how can I improve myself” – and this is considered in mind, body, and spirit. They live aesthetic lifestyles, often forming self contained communities, and strive to find contentment with their lot in life. They believe in reincarnation, and feel that if they live this life well they may be rewarded with a better life in the next cycle.

Those monks who truly excel in this method of thought develop strength and abilities unlike any other warriors on the planet, yet they seldom use this strength as to them, violence is always a last resort.


Creators (Aka. Old Gods)

Records and temples indicate that there were 10 deities that created life on this world. Where they came from, nobody may ever know – in as many different communities as there are around the world, so are there as many stories told about their origins. What is widely agreed upon is that they created Nejial, Human, Halfing, Elfen, and Giant. They stayed with the world for some centuries and none have seen or heard from them since.


Often seen as the leader of the creators, Rakveso represents the desire to create, willpower, light, and faith.


Henin represents knowledge and magic.


Lors is the patron of victory, endurance, fortitude, and patience to follow through on your passions.


Samor represents kindness, charity, love, and inspiration.


Endyir represents foundation and stability. He is a seeker of truth and represents those who try to expose it.


Errech represents splendor and sincerity.


Chale represents humility, and also the pregnant or nursing female.


Ashisi represents beauty and pleasure, mercy, compassion, and was responsible for keeping balance between Palinthal and Samor


Niss represents joy, and how discovery, knowledge, and understanding all lead to emotion.


Palinthal also represents victory, along with sternness, eternity, and confidence.

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