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The Lost Past

This is a very brief overview of the history of this world. Much of recorded history was lost during the exodus during the Great Winter – this page will be expanded as you discover lost tomes and expand your knowledge of the time before the Age of Dragons. Much of the information that you do have has been passed only by word of mouth, or from Tomes with histories written from a single person’s – obviously skewed – perspective. Take anything you find about the past with a grain of salt, it may be more than meets the eye…

The Age of Creation

In the beginning, the creators came to this world and and let life flow into it. At first they let it flow as it would, creating the plants, animals, and primal spirits of the world. Then, when the world was ready, the creator gods fashioned the races of intelligence. While most information on these creator gods has long since vanished, bits and pieces have been recovered to paint an image of who they were. The biggest testament to their existence is a massive obsidian obelisk dedicated to Palinthal on the Isle of Caldum in the Rising Sea. Some believe it was these Creators who imprisoned the Demons and Devils in the Hells, while others still say that they were there before even the Creators came. What has been gathered is that these creators were worshiped in much the same way that the Deities are now.

Age of the Primals

The creator gods then left, died, or otherwise disappeared. There are very few records of what happened to them – and those accounts they have discovered often contain conflicting information. The mortal races had nobody to guide them, and they began to follow the Primal Spirits. During this time a deep respect for nature was observed, but not much else is known as most of what information has been found of this age is simply worship rituals to the Fae and the elementals.

Age of the Gods

Sometime later the first of the Gods ascended to the Heavens and claimed power over the domains of the world. Nobody knows where or how they acquired their power, nor whether they were ever mortals to begin with. All that is known is that they arrived and began to shepherd mortals as their followers. For centuries this went on until The Fall occurred, and they bargained their access to the world in an attempt to keep the Demons and Devils out.

Age of the Mages

In the absence of the direct presence of the gods, a new age of mortals arose – the Age of Mages where the world was ruled by the power of magic. Great cities were built that last to this day. Items of untold power were forged. Knowledge progressed – it was a renaissance, and among the greatest times of the world. It was during this era that the Orcs were created by powerful mages, perfect warriors designed to fight wars for them and prevent the loss of civilized mortal life.

Age of the Winter

Then, a great winter struck and cast the land in ice and snow for hundreds of years. Most of the races of man went underground for warmth. The knowledge of the past was left behind – most notably powerful magic. Many believe it was the awakening of the Dragons that terrorize the world to this day that brought about the winter. Some believe that mages transformed themselves into them, while others believe they fought to protect man against them. In truth nobody knows where the Dragons or the Winter came from. We only know the death that they both brought to the world.

Age of the Dragons

As the glaciers receded man re-emerged from the depths to discover that not all had died on the surface. The Orcs had survived and formed a culture of their own. A new race was discovered as well – the Dragonborn – and though many of them still follow their dragon, increasingly more are leaving to find their way in the world of mortals. Now we resettle the ruins of an civilization steeped in magic we cannot re-create, while defending ourselves against the dragons and their minions.

6th Age 107: The first of The Hedge Wars begins

6th Age ~200: The northern continent of Norrhan starts getting repopulated.

6th Age 274: The Kingdom of Gildas is founded

6th Age 279: The Kingdom of Highmere is founded

6th Age 304: Several tribes of Orcs in the The Coldlands unite under a single banner. The Gashna Warpath begins.

6th Age 308: The Kingdom of Highmere is conquered by Gildas

6th Age 314: The combined armies of several city states push back the Orcs of the Gashna Warpath by slaying their Warcheif, Gashna. The tribes disperse.

6th Age 315: Several city-states form The High Marches – a league of mutual protection.

6th Age 446: Emberpeak, in The High Marches erupts. Several small nearby settlements are laid to waste.

6th Age 468: The Seven Swords free Highmere from the grip of Gildas

Note: Need to expand this time period.

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