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Little is known of the actual destroyers – not who (or what) they were in life, when they became powerful enough to threaten the gods, or how they discovered how to amass their power. What is known is that they did rival the gods in power, enough so that they waged war on the creators and nearly won. Instead, they were banished back to the after-world where they still reside – still growing in power.

Minions of the destroyers are more well known – the are the dead that walk or the spirits that haunt. Even those undead who do not answer to a destroyer are likely serving one in a way they are not even aware of (assuming they retain awareness at all).

Destroyers are nearly all evil, by society’s standards. Some regions may allow worship of an individual destroyer if their values align, but this is uncommon.

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Known Destroyers


Known as the Lord of Sorrow and Regret, Mephistopheles is a well known and feared Destroyer throughout the world. His followers are well known and easy to identify by their eyes which will at times leak tears of blood. Few are brave enough to cause harm to one marked by these cursed tears, knowing that they risk transferring curse to themselves. Even the Ordo Aurora is hesitant to strike down a mage of Mephistopheles’s pact.

The destroyer targets those suffering from deep depression, praying on their weak mind and fooling them into bargaining with their soul. His worshipers then follow suit, tricking people into sacrificing things they love and need for things they desire – but the deal is rarely fair and always tragic.


Keleal is also known as the Baron of Destruction to his followers. He attracts cults of necromancers to his cause, primarily in the Rotting Marshes, raising minions to ravage the Border Hills. He is very active in the materiel world, well known and feared.

Maiden of Tears

One of the few Destroyers who are not considered outright evil, the Maiden of Tears’s true name is unknown. While her motives are unknown, robed men and women claiming to serve her often show up to communities that have been attacked by undead. They will both help defend against them, and help the community recover after the source is eliminated. They then leave expecting no reward, presumably to move on to the next community in need.

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