Vasterjest was crazy. There wasn’t a mage in The Emerald Tower that didn’t agree. When he left the Emerald Tower, it created an opportunity Sam couldn’t pass up. Sam, you see, was not accepted to the Emerald Tower. They claimed he was too unsure of himself, and that was dangerous for a mage. So Sam sought out Vasterjest. Who was indeed crazy, but nevertheless a good mentor.

As part of his training, Sam was required to regularly assist a local Church of Etra, where he befriended Warden Pious. When it was learned that Pious would be undertaking a task for the Baron Samael Rinthon, Vanderjest requested that Sam go to get some real field experience.

Update: Sam was killed by Kayden in retaliation for being unrepentant about hurting him with his magic in the midst of a battle.




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