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he Age of the Dragons is a fantasy setting in which adventurers can find great reward, but only at great risk. A new civilization builds upon the ruins of the past – left barren during the Age of Winter. As with all cultures, men of influence vie for more land, wealth, fame, and power. The settlements of mortals must also always be on the ready to defend against the attacks of the dragons and their hordes of dragonborn – bred to survive the cold and serve the dragons. Brave explorers seek out lost cities in hopes to find rare magical items, as few are able to recreate the feat of creating new ones. Threats loom as well, from The Astral Sea. The Demons seek to pierce the veil so that they may wage war on mortals once again. Danger exists all around even the common man. As no one lives forever, all must seek to ready themselves for the challenges of the Shadowfell, lest they never be able to find peace in the afterlife…

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E N T E R      W I K I       |      C R E D I T S       |       A D V E N T U R E      L O G

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Age of the Dragons

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