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Keeping Time


The Lunar Cycle

The skies of this world house 2 moons – Maveris and Ghael. Each moves around the world at its own speed, but they set the pace for a fairly simple calender. The first, Maveris, is full every 31st day. The other, Ghael, is only full once every 45. This cycle culminates once a year, when both moons align to mark the beginning of the new year.

The Calendar

“Time is like an ocean, you can only hold a little in your hands.”

-Rivaire Proverb

A week in this world is known as the Tenday – Restday, Maveraday, Aquaday, Zephyday, Ghaelday, Terraday, Firaday, Feastday, Sunday, and Tenday.

Each month contains 3 of these weeks, save for Corospyr which has 4.The 10 months of the year are as follows:

Month Season
Violesh Winter
Aranti Winter
Dasera Spring
Rahebor Summer
Bisanta Summer
Corospyr Summer
Igate Fall
Tiodra Fall
Humigo Winter
Rasag Winter

Days are 28 hours long, making a full year on this world equivalent to 11 1/2 months on Earth.

A full calander can be found here

We are currently in the year 479 of the Fifth Age (Age of the Dragons).

Important Dates

Event Date Notes
One Moon Night Violesh the 1st New years celebration
Greenday Dasera the 15th Honors nature. It is honored with planting trees and making offerings to the Primal Spirits
Children’s Day Bisanta the 1st Celebrates the birth of children and the growth of population. Celebrated with gifts and a parade
Freedom Day Corospyr the 21st Highmere, celebrates independence. It is marked with drinking, feasting, and dancing.
Elderfest Corospyr the 34th Honors parents. It is marked with singing, playing games, and gift-giving.
Nymph’s Kiss Tiodra the 11th Celebrates romance. It is marked with playing games, an item hunt, and a candle ceremony.
Harvest Festival Tiodra the 25th Celebrates the harvest. It is marked with drinking and games.
March of Heroes Rasag, final Ten-day Honors the dead. It is marked with a parade, a special meal, and dressing in costume.

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