Tarren Hill

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Tarren Hill


Tarren Hill is a small village on the border of Castle Jayne’s barony. It is home to miners, farmers, woodcutters, and fur traders. The town consists of forty or fifty simple log buildings, some built on old field stone foundations. More old ruins – crumbling stone walls covered in ivy and briars – surround the newer houses and shops. Folks from these parts know this used to be a much larger town in the past.


Community Size Population Size Population Density
Hamlet 100 adults 12 Acres 14 adults/acre
Taverns Inns Services Other
The Sleeping Giant Stonehill Inn Barthen’s Provisions (Trading Post) Alderleaf Farm
The Angry Halfling Lionshield Coster (Merchant) Eldermath Orchard
Shrine of the Goddess
Townmaster’s Hall
Tresendar Manor
Temple of Leoh

Tresendar Manor


This manor is the abandoned home of the Tresendars, a noble family that was wiped out during the invasion of an Orcish Horde roughly 300 years ago. It has since become the residence of Lord Aldus Locke of Tarren Hill, and begun restoration.

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Tarren Hill

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