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The Twin Contients

Click for full size, map credit goes to Levodoom at DeviantArt.

Note: If a language or culture is placed after the name of a place, use that instead of the language or culture from the region it resides in.

Language: Gildean; Culture: Stormlander
Ael AenhdelainLanguage: High Elfen; Culture: Caelimic
Highmere The Northlands
The Shiverdales The Border Hills
The Silverwake Waters The Rotting Marshes
The Ashawake Wilderness The Iron Lands
The Feldor Reaches Gildas
The North Dales  
Language: Angran; Culture: Coldlander
The High Marches Language: Gildean OR Angran
The Borderlands Language: Romallan OR Angran
The Shattered Stretches The Isle of Fay
Varren Isle Angrathan
Angramar The Frostwinders
The Shiverpeaks Northforge
Language: Oceanic; Culture: Oceanicus
Rivaire Language: Oceanic AND Valasian
Caldum Kerk
Language: Romallan; Culture: Kinglander
Frostbreath MountainsLanguage: Angran OR Romallan
Rivana Kadwir
Tamren Romalla
Rinday Nordras
Dorsk Kvarskha
Cindermounts Caerdach
Language: Dathrien; Culture: Imperial
Daln Aerathain Language: High Elfen; Culture: Caelimic
Thalon Avinter
Darion Danthivia
Amaranthia Cal’Anor
Dathrien Mountains Arreath Peaks
Language: Dathrien; Culture: Midlander
The Mountains of Tears Language: Angran OR Valasian OR Samaran
Thalaheim Language: Angran Valais Language: Valasian
Varanos Language: Valasian Tharadhem Mountains Language: Angran
The Vardenfels Language: Angran Ostemere
Luthrern Vosh Redwain
Far Rest
Language: Samaran; Culture: Plainslander
ThrumnashLanguage: Orcish; Culture: Orcish
Kirnstone Avarra
Samarauch Great Gobo Jungles
Sea of Spears Ghorr
The Tail

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