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What is Inspiration?

Inspiration is a bonus for contributing to a great story. It can be granted during the course of play for good role-playing – playing to a weakness or bond of your character, or his ideals, etc. In the core rulebook, Inspiration simply grants advantage to a roll. I’ve decided to expand that system. Instead, I’ve procured a deck of “Inspiration Cards” (in Roll20), and these will be given instead.

Players will begin each Act with a number of inspiration cards equal to their proficiency bonus.

You can also be awarded Inspiration cards from myself if you do excellent role-playing. This will not likely occur more than once or twice per player per session.

If you finish a game session with more cards than your proficiency bonus, you must discard until you reach that number.

Finally, as a player you can recommend a scene for Inspiration – if you think someone just did something awesome, tell me, maybe I just forgot about this.

They’re fun! Enjoy!

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