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When the Age of Winter ended and the races emerged The Stormlands were hardly still livable. People immediately began fighting for the arable land in the region, and the lands south of The Shiverdales was the cream of the crop. When the dust settled, the descendant of an old world king sat in control – and though he didn’t know where his families lands were in the past, he called his new kingdom by its ancient name – Gildas.

For some time the lands of current day Highmere fell under Gildas’s control as well. In 5th Age 468 Highmere was able to wrest control from Gildas – due to interference from Rivaire and The Seven Swords.

To the north lies The Shiverdales – lands contested between Gildas and the dragon Katla and her dragonkin. In addition to the dragon’s hordes, the woods are rife with fae and other creatures that make it quite dangerous. As such, Gildas doesn’t try to enter them any further than necessary to secure its borders.

Language: Gildean
Culture: Stormlander

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