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The Sun

The sun of this world is looked at much the same way as ours. It gives life, lights away the scary night. Solar eclipses are not celebrated, but feared. It is said that when Ghael blocks the sun, the Veil is weak and creatures from beyond the Veil can enter the Prime Material, and that when Maveris blocks the sun, the bond between the Feywilde and the Shadowfell strengthen allowing creatures from those planes to enter.

The Moons

Ghael is the smaller of the two moons, and has little impact on the tides. It circles the planet every 45 days. It is a windswept landscape, full of circling storms in the sky. During it’s lunar eclipse it looks like swirling blood, and as such the eclipse is called the “Blood Moon”. Superstitions abound during this night, of ghosts, witches, curses, and all manner of other terrifying thoughts.

In contrast, Maveris is a large watery moon. It circles the planet every 31 days. During its lunar ecplise, the light reflecting off the waters gives it a fire-like radiance, and as such the night is celebrated as the “Burning Moon” with bonfires and feasts.

The Stars

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