Blade of the Shroud


Pip isn’t really sure where it came from originally. One day you she was digging around at Old Owl Well and found this dagger. Even for a child, it is a small blade – not much longer than your hand. You found it easy to hide it’s presence from your parents. It fit well into the folds of your clothes, underneath your pillow, and any number of other hiding spots. You don’t know what the runes along the blade mean, you only know that they fascinate you. Every night before you go to sleep you stare at them, as lights that only you can see shine from within them.

Requires 1 Attunement Slot
Attunement with this item requires keeping it hidden for one hour, at which point the strange runes become visible to you.

Deceitful Bade: The item has 3 charges. You can spend 1 charge to gain advantage on any roll – skill check, attack roll, etc – so long as it is in an effort to conceal something. This could be concealing the weapon itself, making a stealth check, making a sneak attack roll, or even masking your true intentions in a social encounter. So long as you are trying to hide something, the blade will assist.

This item recharges with a long rest.

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Blade of the Shroud

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