Vruk.jpg Vruk was raised in a city for a few years with (Nate’s Character) in a strange mixed family. Vruk’s dad met (Nate’s character’s) mom after the two of them were born. They have a younger sibling. Vruk and his dad went back to their homeland in order to help with a crises and then stayed for years with one thing or the other. It’s a far distance, and letters took a while to get back and forth if they made it at all. Vruk left to go back, and there was no one there when he arrived. He made his way on the streets as a tough, a thief, and a sell sword. He knocked over the church (or a noble who is very pious), got caught, and is working for the church to pay off the debt. He knows his brother is in a monastery, and wanted to make enough money to be able to go find him. (I think Nate’s Character found him, because he heard that an orc was looking for an elf monk, and thought it might be him.)




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