Pip Dendrar



Pip grew up in the town of Stagh, living with her mother, Mirna, and her father, Thel.

One day, digging around at Old Owl Well, Pip found a small dagger. It was easy to hide, and she’s held onto it since. (more stuff here)

Pip’s father, Thel, stood up to the Redbrands a few days ago when he saw them leering at his wife. The Redbrands murdered him on the spot – and then a few days later kidnapped Mirna and Pip. They were kept in a cell below Tresendar Manor, where eventually Mirna fell ill and died. Pip was rescued by a party of adventurers, and chose to stay with them as she was now an orphan.

I was not an only child but I grew up with no siblings. I have a twin sister named Dawn but I don’t get to see her. My mother was pregnant before she met my dad. My dad loved my mother and loved us but he was not my father. My mother told me my father was a sailor and if I ever needed him I could find him with his ring. My uncle Daren took that ring and I have never seen it. Which brings me back to my sister. My mother Mirna was a simple woman. She was an herbalist and ran a shop in the southeast corner of town, where her husband Thel sold his woodcarvings. She told me – before she died – of a hidden cache of jewelry including a family heirloom. It was hidden beneath the family’s old shop in Candlehall, She also told me that it was very valuable. My uncle Daren wanted it badly. Wanted it enough to take my sister and told my mother she would not give her back unless she gave him the amulet. Despite how much she loved my sister. She never gave it to him. The one respite was she would be my aunt Elise. She has kind eyes and always treated us well.



Pip Dendrar

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