Strong family bonds have been a constant growing up. My Father, Thanatos, was my inspiration and the inspiring many others to uphold laws for the betterment of all. He had a strong political following which some found less than inspiring and with less than noble intentions hired cut throats to remove a man whose influence wasn’t good for business. His loss was a devastating blow. After morning my fathers loss my mother, Arwen, was able to find love again with an unlikely mate, An orc, Perren Goldeneyes. If she retained any political influence this banished it and any question of solidifying the union was out of the question. I didn’t accept Perren at first resenting what I saw as someone trying to take my fathers place but overtime I came to see if not necessarily a law abiding citizen he had noble intentions and I grew to respect and accept him as my stepfather. He also had a son and I finally had the sibling I’d always wanted. We where able to get into all sorts of trouble playing pranks all children grow through. Our time together was brief though. Trouble brewed in far away places that took him and his father away back to the tribe they came from. Leaving my mother pregnant and her heart acing. She stayed in the city long enough to raise Than Goldeneyes to age old enough to travel and set off to find Perren to reunite the family. During this time I decided to join the monastery there structure appealing to the morality my father installed in me. Now I have heard news of my step brother Vruk and he has stumbled into trouble trying to find me. I wonder if he has news of my mother, I set out to find him

Update: Kayden met his end by the hands of King Grol in Cragmaw Castle. Strangely enough, when he perished his body diffused into lotus leaves, leaving no trace behind.




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